The Jukola Relay competition centre is like a village, with a range of tasks for experts in a number of fields. Every year, more than 1,500 volunteers make the world’s largest orienteering relay race. Join the section that suits you! The volunteers can register via the Loop 8 registration system.

Arena production

The Arena Production Committee is responsible for organising television broadcasting, among other things. We need volunteers who are aged 16 or over and have orienteering skills to guard and manage the control points. The tasks involve assisting in the television production at the control points during the race.


The Maintenance Committee is responsible for waste management and toilet maintenance as part of the environmental aspects of the event. The Maintenance Committee is also responsible for the supplies for the event.

Chair of the committee Jukka Aula, +358 400 394 593,

ICT matters and the results service

The ICT and Results Services Committee will generate the correct results for the teams participating in the competition, transfer online split times to the results programme, and publish the race results in real time on the internet, television and the competition centre’s video screens and scoreboards. The committee also produces the required communications and connections for the media and the public in the Competition Centre and in the field.

Chair of the committee Jouko Vainionpää, +358 45 2640555,

Map and the course

The Map and Course Committee commissions the maps of the competition area and training areas and is in charge of the task of the course planner during the event and the training sessions. Before the event, the committee must get the race maps printed, sorted and sealed; build the control point structures and check the technical facilities at the control points. The committee will also have to manage the control points during the event and dismantle them after the race. All these tasks require orienteering skills.

Chair of the committee Harri Mäki

Competition centre

The Field Committee is responsible for electricity and water supply and for ensuring that the showers and saunas are in working order. For electrical and HVAC services, we need professionals that can take responsibility for appropriate maintenance during the Jukola weekend. The Field Committee is responsible for building and dismantling the competition centre. For the competition centre, we need builders a couple of weeks before the Jukola weekend and a demolition team for one week after event. If you are handy with the drill and the saw, we have jobs for you!

Chair of the committee Taisto Pyy, +358 40 7160222,

Competition operations

The Competition Committee is responsible for the orienteering-related operations in the competition centre. These include emit-resetting, starts, changeovers, finishes, restarts and backup maps

Chair of the committee Eero Haapasalmi, +358 400 733278,

Transport and safety

The work of the Transport and Safety Committee involves a great deal of cooperation with various authorities and organisations. The tasks of the committee include traffic management, parking arrangements, first aid and medical services, emergency services and stewarding. We need volunteers for traffic management, in particular. We hope to find locals for this task, as knowledge of the local area will enable us to provide the best possible service to the Jukola visitors.

Chair of the committee Kari Tiermas, +358 40 5100391,

Marketing and finance

The Marketing and Finance Committee is responsible for financial management, for finding partners for the Jukola event, and for the Jukola shop selling Jukola merchandise. The committee’s tasks include communication with the partners and marketing the event to competing and amateur teams as well as to the public both in Finland and abroad.

Chair of the committee Yrjö Trog, +358 400 291229,


The Programme Committee is responsible for organising the opening ceremony of the event, the Jukola Ceremony, the award ceremony, Forest Church, children’s world and guest activities.

Chair of the committee Leena Jääskeläinen, +358 400 435295,

Restaurants and catering

The Restaurant Committee’s task is to feed the hungry orienteers, spectators, VIP guests and officials. At Jukola, we will serve around 30,000 meals and our customers will drink 30,000 cups of coffee.

Chair of the committee Heli Satokangas


The Office Committee is responsible for managing the information points for orienteers, the public and the volunteers during the competition. Its tasks include distributing team materials, returning maps and providing information to the orienteers and the public in different languages.

Chair of the committee Sami Leinonen, +358 50 5578003,

Communication and media

The Communication Committee is in charge of the production of the Jukola website and the social media content and the distribution of news bulletins. During the event weekend, we provide representatives of the media with media centre services, guidance to the filming sites and assist in finding people for interviews. We need writers and photographers, people with website editing and social media skills, translators, and customer service staff for the media centre.

Chair of the committee Johanna Sarriola,

The environment

The Environmental Committee makes sure that the Arctic Circle Jukola is planned and implemented in compliance with the requirements of sustainable development and the EcoCompass Event certificate. In line with the image of the Jukola Relay, our operations are based on environmentally friendly solutions. One of these solutions is the separate collection of waste.

Chair of the committee Sannamari Pehkonen,