How does the start happen in Napapiiri-Jukola?


The start is a usual Jukola mass start, with space between participants in a row being 80 cm and between rows 1,2 meters.

Competitors may use masks up to the moment of start. Garbage bins will be placed in the area as well as near the orienteering start point, but be prepared for them to become crowded. If possible, put the mask upon start into your own pocket.

It is also possible to start sparsely in the relay. A competitor can wait behind the map area for the mass start, avoiding standing in the start lines. After the mass start, the competitor can get their map from a volunteer at the end of own start line and thus can go behind the rest of participants. After that, for 30 minutes the map is available at the changeover fence “Helppi point” in order to start the competition. That is, unclaimed maps from the mass start will be delivered to the “Helppi point”.

Maps for the relay restart will be kept in their map bags for 30 minutes since the restart. They can be claimed in that time. Only after that they will be put off.