Jukola’s festival stage hosts the opening ceremony, prize giving ceremonies and the Jukola fest. In addition, there are several performers on stage during the weekend. The stage is located in the middle of the competition centre, close to the main restaurant.

Saturday 18.6.

12.00–12.50 Brass band Nousteprassi performs
Theater: Viisas Matti ja muita juttuja, Timo Väntsi and Kari Mäkiranta

13.00-13.30 The opening ceremony of the Jukola relay

17.30-18.30 (will be verified later) Beluga-whale, a huge doll circling close to the festival stage
Kai Kuutamo Show, a cirkus-show on the festival stage

19.00-20.30 Jukola fest and the prize giving ceremony for Venla relay
Presenting the Jukola message and the challenge trophy

20.30 Tuula Amberla and Pieni Jazzorkesteri

Sunday 19.6.

9.40 The prize giving ceremony for Jukola relay