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Results, Route Gadget, Livelox and split time analysis

Online results for the relays: Venla relay: https://online.jukola.com/tulokset-new/en/j2022_ve/ Jukola relay: https://online.jukola.com/tulokset-new/en/j2022_ju/   Routes and split analysis: Venla relay and Jukola…

Error in the picture of the forkings

There is an error in the image on the map of all the forkings at Jukola, the picture above. The…


“With sweating brows they battled; backward and forward flew the disc between them, and a great din and crashing was…

Please start your run carefully

Picture: Start point is at sight, but you should take it carefully because of the stony ground.   The last…


JukolaLive shows both Venla- and Jukola relays with English commentary by Mikko Reitti and arena interviews by Miika Hernelahti. Interesting…

Download Jukola app

As with previous Jukola relays, Lukkari-Jukola has its own mobile app, which can be found in the mobile app store…

The competition numbers of the Lukkari-Jukola teams have been published!

The competition numbers for Lukkari-Jukola’s Venla and Jukola relays have now been published. As is the tradition in Jukola and…

Traveling to Lukkari-Jukola this year?

Note the latest changes on entry and quarantine. It is especially important that you acquaint yourself with these instructions if…

Suunnistajapankki /Kavlebanken / Runner bank

Suunnistajapankki: Yksittäinen suunnistaja voi yrittää löytää itselleen joukkueen Venlojen tai Jukolan viestiin TAI joukkue voi yrittää löytää itselleen puuttuvan suunnistajan….

Russian and Belarussian teams banned from Jukola relay

The board of the Finnish Orienteering Federation has decided that Russian and Belarussian teams will be banned from participating in…

Registration to Jukola-relay has been opened

The registration for Jukola relay to be in Mynämäki next summer is now open. In the first couple of weeks,…

Registration will be opened on 1.12.

Registration to Lukkari-Jukola will open on Wednesday, December 1st, at 10 am. Registration page The registration page is https://registration.jukola.com/?kieli=en&kisa=j2022& Register…

A new Jukola-account has been launched!

In Lukkari-Jukola 2022 we launch a new personal Jukola-account. Already now it enhances event safety and in the future it…