Even this year it is possible to reach the competition centre with a Jukola bus. The bus runs from the Mynämäki railway station to the competition centre and back according to the trains’ timetables. Jukola bus stops both next to the tent camping areas and right next to the competition centre. It is not possible to hop on or off the bus on any other location than the dedicated bus stops.

One way ticket for Jukola bus costs 5€/person. The payment is made in the bus with cash or card.

Volunteers can use the Jukola bus for free by showing their volunteer badge. Remember to pick up your volunteer badge from the competition centre already before Friday!



From the Mynämäki railway station to the tent camping area and then to the competition centre the busses leave as quickly as possible after the train has arrived at the station and the passengers have made their way to the bus. The route to the competition centre takes about 20 minutes.


From the competition centre to the tent camping area and then to the railway station the bus timetables have been planned so that they serve those trains, where most of the tickets have been bought to. It is possible that there will be more routes available if also the amount of reserved train tickets changes. The possible changes will be visible on this webpage.



              Competition centre            Tent area                            Railway station

Fri 17.6.         21:30                                   21:40                                   21:50

Sat 18.6.        18:00                                   18:10                                   18:20

Sun 19.6.       7:20                                     7:30                                     7:40

Sun 19.6.       9:40                                     9:50                                     10:00

Sun 19.6.       11:30                                   11:40                                   11:50

Sun 19.6.       14:20                                   14:30                                   14:40