Instructions for arrival to the reserved camper van / caravan parking places.

The areas that are available for camper vans and/or caravans in Lukkari-Jukola have been nearly sold out. It is allowed to drive to those areas only if one has reserved and paid for a place in advance through the registration system (see caravans and campers, parking fees).

Upon arrival, follow the guidance for caravans/camper vans and once entering the dedicated parking area, tell your own name and the name that the place has been reserved with. The parking tickets will not be sent in advance, but one can enter the caravan/camping van parking area only if one’s name is on the list. In this case you will receive a parking ticket upon arrival, and you need to keep it visible in the windshield throughout the weekend. The parking ticket will also be checked when leaving the parking area.

The parking areas for campervans/camping trailers will be opened on Friday the 17th of June at 10:00 and they will be closed on Sunday the 19th of June by 16:00. Please remember that it is not allowed to have a front tent  a separate shelters, there is no electricity or a possibility to empty a sept tank available. It is also forbidden to cook food outside the trailer/campervan. One must obey the instructions of the personnel at the parking area when parking the vehicle.