Lukkari-Jukola will be organized in Mynämäki / Nousiainen 18-19 June 2022. The competition center is located in Mynämäki sports center in the immediate vicinity of Mynämäki center.

The terrain is varied, but for the most part the accessibility is good. Most of the terrain is a popular outdoor area near residential areas, with many different walkways and paths that have also been shaped by the abundant deer fauna. Animal tracks are not on the map. The area is also a popular terrain for motorcyclists and mountain bikers, and there are several small rocky trails, not all of which are on the map either.

For the most part, the terrain is quite flat, very fast mountain section and sometimes more covered mixed forest. There are also some rocky areas that require high accuracy and concentrated map reading, as well as some protected areas. Elevation differences vary depending on terrain areas.

In course planning, attempts have been made to use all areas on the map. The running speed will be fast in both races.

The routesetters

Heikki Andersson

Maippi Antikainen

Pekka Lapila

Jarmo Jokila has acted as a mentor for the routesetters group.