Please read through the arrival instructions well in advance before heading towards Mynämäki. Especially those travelling with their own car need to pay close attention to the instructions for choosing the correct route.

Arrival by train:

The Jukola relay has inspired VR (the national railway corporation) to open a train connection from Turku to Mynämäki from Friday the 17th June to Sunday the 19th of June. If you wish, you can reach the competition centre by walking (the distance from the Mynämäki railway station is about 4km), but the organizer is also offering a Jukola bus from the railway station to the competition centre (  The Jukola bus timetables are fitted to the trains’ timetables.


The tickets are available for purchasing on VR’s webpages.

Arrival by bus:

Mynämäki is located right next to the arena and can be easily reached by bus.  Both Matkahuolto’s buses and Onnibus’ buses stop near the competition center. The competition venue can be reached from the south from Turku and from the north from Pori. In addition, TLO’s local traffic lines 118 and 119 run between Turku and Mynämäki. The time schedules and price lists for local traffic can be found here (unfortunately only in Finnish).

Arrival by car:

For private cars there is plenty of parking space available on fields about 2 km from the competition centre. Please remember to follow the signed route even if your navigator should tell you to take another route! The competition centre is located really close to highway 8, but the private cars arriving from south need to follow another route in order to avoid blocking highway 8. The parking place for disabled people is located in the competition centre and their guided route does not follow the route for other private cars.

The traffic arriving to the competition centre comes from two directions. Arriving traffic needs to follow the directions shown in the map below.
The cars arriving from Jyväskylä/Middle Finland, please drive through Pori. The cars arriving from eastern side of Jyväskylä, please drive through Tampere.

Start of signposting

Arrivals from the direction of Helsinki motorway: Junction nr. 8 (towards Naantali, to road E18).

Traffic arriving along highways VT 9 (Tampere) and VT 10 (Hämeenlinna): Junction to E18 (towards Naantali)

Traffic arriving along highway VT 8 (from the north): a few kilometres before Mynämäki

Signposts are in place from Friday 17.6.2022 at 7.00 and must be followed.

All traffic arriving from south (apart from busses, inva, VIP and Media) is directed to the parking areas via Kustavintie (road number 192) and Mynämäentie (road number 1930).

There will be traffic jams, so reserve plenty of time for arrival. The traffic jams are most likely to appear on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.
The traffic situation will be followed at Yle Radio Suomi Turku’s radioprogram at 94,3 MHz (only in Finnish).

One must pay for a parking ticket for a private car. The parking tickets can be bought either at the competition information centre or when exiting the parking area. The parking ticket costs 20€ at the information centre and 25€ when bought at the parking area. One can pay the parking ticket with either cash or credit card. The parking tickets will be checked upon exiting the parking areas throughout the entire weekend. Please notice that vehicles with a parking ticket (bought from the information centre) have their own exit lane from the parking area and do not need to queue as much.

The parking areas can be found both through following the signposts and by following the guidance from the traffic controllers. The route to P4 comes from north via Lepistöntie (follow the signs). Cars arriving from south will be guided to P1 and P6 through Mietoistentie (the signs start at highway 8, in the crossroad to Kustavintie).

Some cars arriving from north will be directed to P5 through Asemantie. One must absolutely follow the instructions by the traffic controllers and the signs!

Motorcycles (and mopeds) have their own parking area close to Vanha Turuntie. Follow the signs. Parking for motorcycles costs 20€ (when bought at the competition information centre) and 25€ (when bought while exiting the parking area). The parking ticket will be checked upon leaving the parking area.

The cars with VIP-, GPS- or Media-parking tickets will be directed to two parking areas right next to the competition centre. This area cannot be entered without a valid parking permission. Keep the parking ticket clearly visible inside the windshield of the car when arriving to the area. These parking tickets are personal and their use is monitored.

People with an INVA-card on their windshield will be directed to their own parking area in the competition centre. Parking ticket (20€) must be purchased at the competition info.

Bicycles will be parked in the competition centre free of charge. Please follow the specific route for cyclists.

Campervans and camping trailers

Campervans and camping trailers have to be driven to their own parking areas through two different routes. From north, the route goes via Lepistöntie. From south the route is Kustavintie – Mietoistentie – Vallaistentie – Vehmaantie. Follow the signs!
The area, where each campervan or camping trailor will be directed to depends on the situation within the separate areas. One cannot reserve a spot at any given parking area in advance. From every parking area for campervans/camping trailors the distance to the competition centre is about 2 km.
The parking permit will be given to anyone who has reserved and paid for a parking spot for his/her campervan/camping trailer upon arrival to the parking area (one must be able to tell under which name the spot has been reserved). The parking permit must be kept visible inside the windshield throughout the weekend.
The parking area for campervans/camping trailers opens on Friday the 17th at 10 a.m.

Team buses

Team buses will be directed to the drop-off point at Kivistöntie, northeast of the event centre. During the competition weekend Kivistöntie is a one-way road from southeast to northwest. No other traffic is allowed on that road, excluding service and rescue traffic.

The guiding for team buses begins from the same point as for passenger cars. NOTE! For those arriving from the south, passenger car and team bus traffic take separate routes at VT8 Kustavintie junction, where the team buses continue straight forward to the junction of Kivistöntie and VT8.

Team buses are unloaded in the order of arrival. A maximum of ten buses are allowed at a time. The queuing area is located a few kilometres away from the place of unloading. The traffic guides will direct the queuing and unloading operations; please follow the instructions.

When the buses arrive, the traffic guides will give information on how to get to the team bus parking, and instructions for loading the baggage on Sunday after the competition.

After the unloading on Saturday, the team busses will be guided back to highway 8 through Asemantie and from there towards south to distance parking.

Be prepared for traffic jams even on your way home.