Instructions for the media arriving in Lukkari-Jukola

Welcome to Lukkari-Jukola in Mynämäki on June 18-19.



Lukkari-Jukola Media Center is located in a tent on the tennis court in the middle of the competition center. The media center has wireless internet access and about 50 working spaces. The media center offers small snacks and drinks.

The media ID card and photographer’s vest act as a pass to the media center and areas reserved for photographers. To work in these areas, you must keep your ID card / photo vest visible.

ID cards and photo vests will be handed over from the media center during its opening hours.

The media center is open:

  • on Friday 17.6. 2 pm-8pm
  • on Saturday 18.6. 10 am to midnight and
  • on Sunday 19.6. from midnight to 2 pm

We recommend that interviews with athletes be conducted outdoors, but an athlete may also be brought to the media center for an interview. A media event will be held for the winning teams in both relays as soon as possible after the finish at the media center.



The media has reserved its own parking area in Lukkari-Jukola. Follow the organizer’s instructions when you arrive at the media park.

Cars with a media parking ticket will be directed to the media park. Keep your parking ticket prominently displayed inside your car’s windshield when you arrive at the race center. The parking permit will be sent with this message.

It is a good idea to set aside enough time to arrive at the competition center. It is expected to be congested, especially on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.



There will be many opportunities for photographers to take pictures both at the competition center and at the forest. Participation in the organized photo tours requires wearing a Jukola photographer’s vest. The vests will be handed over at check-in against acknowledgment to those who have indicated they need it in their application for accreditation. The vests must be returned at the end of the event.

An information session on photo arrangements and practices will be held at the Media Center on Saturday, June 18th. at 11.15 and 13.15.

Reminder: The use of drones is strictly prohibited.

Welcome to Lukkari-Jukola!