Friday 17th June 2022

10:00 Event Centre and information centre opens
18:00 Running orders of teams must be submitted at the latest
21:00 Information centre closes
21:00 A church concert “Unilukkari” in Mynämäki church

Saturday 18th June 2022

08:00 Information centre opens
12:45 Sign-in for Venla relay opens. Further instructions in the competition guide.
13:00 Opening ceremony and raising of the Jukola flag
14:00 Start of the Venla relay
17:00 Winning team of the Venla relay finishes
18:30 The Venla relay changeover closes
18:45 The Venla Relay mass start
19:00 Jukola ceremony and the Venla Relay prize giving ceremony
21:00 Jukola evening mass in the forest church
21:45 Sign-in for Jukola relay opens
22:30 The finish line of the Venla Relay closes
23:00 Start of the Jukola relay
23:07 Sun sets

Sunday 19th June 2022

03:59 Sun rises
06:51 Winning team of the Jukola relay finishes. The winning team reads the message of the Jukola relay
08:45 The Jukola relay changeover closes
09:00 The restart for leg 7
09:30 The restarts for legs 2-6
09:30 Returning of maps at the information centre begins
09:40 The Jukola relay prize giving ceremony and handing over of the Jukola flag
15:00 The finish line of the Jukola relay closes
16:00 Event centre and information centre closes