JukolaLive shows both Venla- and Jukola relays with English commentary by Mikko Reitti and arena interviews by Miika Hernelahti. Interesting interviews, GPS-tracking and exciting battles between top teams. “Pay per view”.

Price per view 21€, including both Venla and Jukola relay. You can buy rights for watching and watch the show here:

There is already a preshow available, so check it and be prepared for the Jukola show!

Day program

13:50 Web TV Venla starts
14:00 Start of the Venla relay
17:00 Winning team of the Venla relay finishes


22:50 Web TV Jukola starts
23:00 Start of the Jukola relay
06:50 Winning team of the Jukola relay finishes

So follow Jukola at:

Note! JukolaLive cannot be followed within the borders of Finland, as this broadcast is restricted for contractual reasons to be seen and heard abroad only!