Come to train your orienteering skills in South-Western Finland forests! There are several good and challenging enough exercises on the Lukkari-Jukola training terrains. The easiest way is to buy individual maps is directly from Lieto Shell gas station. If you order larger quantities of maps, please place that order via email well in advance. See sections “Prices” and “Sales”.

Training terrains

Locations of training terrains in Google Maps view in Google Maps view.

Available training tracks:

Due to the hunting season, all the training tracks are closed from 4.10.2021 until 1.3.2022 – when the hunting season ends.

Courses will be opened gradually after March 1st, based on the snow situation. More precise information on when each course is opened will be available at the end of February.

  • 2 Formunkallio, Mynämäki, only after 1.3.2022 
  • 3 Lemppiönkallio, Mynämäki, only after 1.3.2022
  • 4 Pirunportti, Mynämäki, only after 1.3.2022
  • 5 Vanhanpalonkallio, Mynämäki, Model orienteering during week 24 in June 2022
  • 6 Palovuori, Lieto, only after 1.3.2022
  • 7 Parmaharju, Lieto, only after 1.3.2022
  • 8 Ahteenmetsä, Lieto, only after 1.3.2022
  • 9 Paijula, Nousiainen, only after 1.3.2022
  • 10 Neittenlinna, Mynämäki, only after 1.3.2022

Training terrains, maps and locations


#2 Formunkallio, Mynämäki 60.662741, 22.054770

Long distance 5,8 km and 8,9 km. In 2017, Finnspring was held in this terrain. In some places the very fast-moving and flat rocky terrain broken by bogs is partly steep and quarried stony hills.

  #3 Lemppiönkallio, Mynämäki 60.662741, 22.054770

Middle distance 6 km and 4 km. Detailed terrain offering pace changes for orienteers. Fast terrain was used in Finnspring competition.    

#4 Pirunportti, Mynämäki 60.662741, 22.054770

Orienteering intervals (4×1,5-2km) tests your pace change abilities. Very fast rocky terrain, where Oravatonni an Viestiliiga (Relay league) finals were organised 2020.  

#5 Vanhanpalonkallio, Mynämäki

Lukkari-Jukola model orienteering event, 3 km, 4 km, 5 km and 7 km. Opens during competition week in June 2022, week 24  

#6 Palovuori, Lieto 60.510069, 22.392100

The terrain is an fast and in some places even old forest terrain in rocky terrain with reasonable height differences. Please note that there is a warm-up distance from the car park to the starting point, do not park in the courtyards of the residential area.Relay training 6 and 4 km

#7 Parmaharju, Lieto 60.526253, 22.539394

Legendary Parmaharju is one of the finest terrains in South-Western Finland. It provides even international level physical and cognitive challenges. Liedon Parma sports house called Parmaharju (as well) is located by this terrain Parmaharju.  

#8 Ahteenmetsä, Lieto 60.526253, 22.539394

Pitkämatka 10,0 km ja 6,0 km. Ahteenmetsä is a part of Parmaharju rocky area terrain and one of the finest terrains in South-Western Finland. Check also Liedon Parma sports house Parmaharju

#9 Paijula, Nousiainen

Relay training 7 km, opens during spring 2022  

#10 Neittenlinna, Mynämäki 60.510069, 22.392100

Orienteering intervals 4×1,5-2km. Opening time will be informed later.



All map scales are 1:10 000, contour interval 5 m. Map size is A4. All training maps are made by Lukkari-Jukola map maker Ari Salonen and updated 2020-2021.


Controls are marked with normal control signs, with code number and Jukola-logo.


Training map price is 8 €/pcs. If the maps are sent via mail, an extra cost of 5€ is charged per sending. Please order the maps then two weeks before actual needs, to have them available in time. If you order maps to be picked physically (not by mail), then we recommend that you place an order already a week before the actual date the maps are needed.


We are recommending you to buy single maps by default directly in Lieto Shell gas station. Those maps are there available without any orders. If you need over 10 same maps (of same routes), we recommend you to order the maps from Mirkka Maisila, email: mirkka.maisila[at] Paying the maps is based on invoices. For sending an invoice, please provide invoicing address, email address and phone number with contact person name.  Remember, that there are shorter and longer routes, please add that information, too. If there is no info about the route length, we will send a longer route. You can pick up the training maps at Lieto Shell gas station, address Simpukkatie 2, Lieto. An alternative is mailing delivery, see “Prices”.

Training feedback

Please give feedback of any issues noticed during your training. Feedback can be sent: mirkka.maisila[at]