This is how it works in Porvoo Borgå Jukola

These instructions are intended to guide the Jukola visitors on how to act in the Jukola event. For detailed instructions relating to the competition, see the competition guide.



The competition information desk will open on Friday 16 June at 10:00, after which team material can be collected. A team material pick-up ticket has been sent by email to team contact persons. If the email has not been received or has been redirected to the spam folder, the team material pick-up ticket can be downloaded from the link below.


Thursday 15.6.2023

18.00 Running orders must be submitted by 18.00 (Note! Time changed from previous years)


Friday 16.6.2023

10.00 Opening of the event centre and competition info
21.00 Closing of competition info


Saturday 17.6.2023

8.00 Competition info opens
12.45 Check-in for the Venla relay starts.
13:00 Opening ceremony and Jukola flag-raising
13.30 Venla relay / start of the start section – grouping of the orienteers in the starting area starts
14.00 Start of Venla relay
17.00 Venla relay winner at the finish line
18.30 Venla relay exchange closes
18.45 Venla relay restart
19.00 Jukola celebration and prize-giving ceremony for the Venla relay
21:00 Jukola Forest Church
21:45 Check-in for the Jukola relay begins.
22:30 Closing of the finish line of the Venla Relay
22:30 The Jukola relay / start of the orienteers’ grouping at the starting area begins
22:48 Sun sets
23:00 Jukola relay start


Sunday 18.6.2023

03.48 Sunrise
06.58 Winner of the Jukola relay crosses the finish line, the winning team reads the Jukola message
08.45 Jukola relay exchange closes
09.00 Jukola relay restart Section 7 of the race rules.
09:30 Jukola relay restart: 2nd to 6th part of the race instructions.
09:30 The distribution of the return maps at the competition info starts
09:40 Award ceremony for the Jukola relay and presentation of the Jukola flag
15.00 The finish of the Jukola relay will be closed
16.00 Closing of the race centre and info desk

For more information about the awards ceremony, see the competition guide. 


Opening hours of the services:

Fri 16.6   Sat 17.6   Sun 18.6
Competition centre 10.00–24.00   00.00–24.00   00.00–16.00
Competition information        10.00–21.00   08.00–24.00   00.00–16.00
Invitation information 18.00-20.00   10.00–24.00   00.00–11.00
Children’s World   09.00-21.00   09.00-13.00
Forest Church   13.00-24.00   08.00-12.00
Media services 14.00–20.00   10.00–24.00   00.00–14.00
Restaurant 12:00-20:00   08.00–24.00   00.00–14.00/15.00
Street food 12.00-20.00   10.00–24.00   00.00–14.00/15.00
Military Home Café 10:00-20:00   8:00-24:00   00:00-15:00
Mallasrasti – Beer tent 11.00-22.00   09.00–24.00   00.00-01.30
Candy and licorice sale 15:00-21:00   10:00-24:00   00:00-15:00
Ice cream sales 10.00-21.00   08.00–21.00   08.00–15.00
Jukola shop 10.00–22.00   08.00–24.00   00.00–14.00
Suunnistajan Kauppa 10:00-20:00   08:00-24:00   00:00-14:00
Intersport 12:00-22:00   09:00-24:00   00:00-13:00
Keltamäki 12:00-20:00   09:00-24:00   00:00-13:00
Sauna 16:00-21:00   14:00-24:00   00:00-16:00
Shower 16:00-21:00   09.00–24.00   00.00–16.00
Careerian podiatry 11.00-20.00   10.00-20.00   10.00-14.00


Safety and emergencies

How to act in an emergency


Accidents and illnesses:

First aid is available at the first aid station in the competition centre (see section First aid) on Fri 16.6.2023 at 10.00 – Sunday 18.6.2023 until 16.00. Otherwise, the services of the general health service will be used. 

If you have a medical condition, allergies or medication that may affect your treatment, please write your name, medical condition, allergies, medication and the telephone number of a contact person who can provide further information to the medical staff.


Serious medical conditions:

Call the emergency services on +358 40 8198570 and follow the instructions below.

  • Contact the emergency services and ask for help.
  • Check the patient’s breathing and circulation. Inanimate patient; start basic resuscitation.
  • If breathing and circulation are OK, check possible external injuries.
  • Move the unconscious patient in a lateral position.
  • Do not move the patient unnecessarily.


Immediate life-threatening situation – call 112!

  • Call also to emergency service number, +358 40 8198570.
  • Arrange guidance to the location


Fire in a competition centre, tent area or car park:

In case of fire in the event centre or in the parking area: act according to the instructions below. Inform also the security emergency department at +358 40 817 2977.


If you notice a fire:

  • Warn people of the risk
  • If possible, limit the fire (fire extinguisher, fire blanket)
  • Call 112
  • Guide the fire department to the location



Contact the closest safety guard or call the Security tel. +358 40 817 2977.

  • If the situation is threatening, call 112.
  • Do not put yourself or others at risk.


Traffic accidents: 

Contact the nearest traffic warden or call the Safety Management Centre +358 40 817 2977

  • If the situation is serious or outside the event area, call 112.
  • Help those involved and prevent further accidents.


Important phone numbers:

  • General emergency number: 112 
  • Safety Centre: +358 40 817 2977
  • Jukola Office: +358 40 817 2221
  • Competition information: +358 40 817 2215
  • Competition Centre First Aid +358 40 819 8570
  • Security +358 40 817 2977
  • Traffic and parking control: +358 40 328 7978
  • Finnish Poison Information Center +358 800 147111
  • Car towing: Oy Tor Frejborg Ab, +358 20 7573 300
  • Property management (structures, electricity, water, toilets, waste disposal): +358 40 328 7985 


Competition information is responsible for event guidance, advice and race-related matters, such as race orders, etc.

The Safety Management Centre is in charge of safety-related matters such as first aid, traffic, parking, rescue/fire-fighting and crowd control.


First Aid

The main first aid station for the competitions is located in the centre of the competition centre, in the same building as the management centre. A doctor and first aid staff will be on duty at the main emergency room. The main first aid post is open Fri 16.6.2023 at 10:00 – Sun 18.6.2023 at 16:00. The Painting Helpdesk is open Sat 17.6.2023 12:00 – Sun 18.6.2023 16:00.

In the competition centre and tent areas there are first aid signs, and first aid is indicated on the competition centre map. The first aid point is marked with a green cross. In the competition area there is one first aid point during the Venla relay from 13.00 to 22.30 and during the Jukola relay Sat 22.00 – Sun 16.00 two first aid posts. The first aid points on the terrain are marked on the competition maps with a purple cross. In addition, there will be light first aid equipment in the refreshment points and some of the control marshals have bandages.

In the competition centre there are defibrillators at the points marked on the guide map for laymen to give CPR in case it is needed.

Pharmacy, Porvoon Uusi Apteekki, operates under normal hours in its normal premises in the centre of Porvoo during the race weekend. Opening hours: Friday 8.00-22.00, Saturday 9.00-22.00 and Sunday 10.00-18.00. The pharmacy is located at Piispankatu 30, 06100 Porvoo.


Arriving to competition centre

Guidance to the competition centre

The signs will be in place on Friday 16.6.2023 at 7.00. The signs must be followed.

Traffic entering the competition centre will be directed from two directions. Incoming traffic must follow the approach directions shown on the map above. As Epoontie will be closed to through traffic at the competition centre, approaching from the wrong side will cause a long detour to the competition centre.

Guidance will start from the Porvoo motorway, VT7.

Passenger car traffic and motorhomes and caravans will be directed via the Sannainen exit, junction 63, Sannaistenie – Jakarintie – Ylikentie – Epoontie to the parking areas.

Buses will be directed to the competition centre via Porvoo, to the passenger unloading point, from where they will be directed away along the same route.

Buses coming from Helsinki will be directed via Skarpens exit, junction 61, via Myrskyläntie – Werner Söderströminkatu – Teollisuustie – Merituulentie – Kevätkummuntie – Humlantie – Pihlajantie – Tarkkistentie – Epoontie.

Buses coming from Koskenkylä are directed via the Rita exit, junction 62, via Loviisantie – Teollisuustie – Merituulentie – Kevätkummuntie – Humlantie – Pihlajantie – Tarkkistentie – Epoontie.

You can arrive by motorbike from both directions, and there is no separate signposting.

Traffic will be congested, so please allow enough time to arrive at the competition centre. Congestion is most likely to occur on Saturday between 10am and 2pm.


Passenger cars

Passenger cars are directed to the parking areas in the fields via several access points at Epoontie 700. Please follow the instructions of the traffic controllers.

Cars will be directed to park in rows. The signs of the drivers in the P zones must be followed.

The maximum distance from parking to the competition centre is 2500 metres.

There will be no transport of persons or goods from the parking areas. Pedestrians must take special care on the traffic lanes and follow the marked routes.

Also, in the competition centre itself, access routes can become congested, so please do not block the routes by congregating on the access routes, but politely move to the side.

There is a parking ban on the roads leading to the parking area, which will be enforced. Parking is also prohibited in private yards and driveways. Improperly parked cars are a safety hazard and will be towed away. The cost of towing will be charged to the car owner.

Cars with an Invitation and Media parking ticket and those with an INVA/disabled card in the windscreen will be directed to private parking at Epoontie 650, 1 km from the asphalt road to the competition centre. Please keep your parking ticket visibly displayed on the inside of your car’s windscreen when you arrive. These parking tickets are personal and their use will be monitored.

Note! For this group, the best option to arrive at the competition centre is by non-stop bus transport. The above mentioned cars can be parked in Porvoo, at Suisto field, Meritullinkatu 3, where there is a bus stop. 

The parking spaces for passenger cars are subject to a fee and the parking fee is paid via the domestic ParkMan application This avoids congestion and unnecessary queues. You can pay in advance or on the spot. Pre-download the ParkMan app on your phone from the App store or Play app store. You can also get help with the download from ParkMan support staff at the competition info or parking service point. The parking fee is €20. You can also buy a parking ticket with Mobilepay, card payment and cash at the competition info or with Mobilepay and card payment at the parking service point. Parking fees will be checked on exit throughout the event. Payment of the parking fee will be shown on the phone or by showing the parking ticket. Please note that a vehicle that has not paid the parking fee on leaving will be charged retrospectively, with a parking fee of €25.

  • Be prepared for traffic congestion on your way home.
  • Do not leave valuables visible in the car.
  • There are a few toilets at the edge of the parking areas.


Non-stop bus transport

The competition centre can be reached from Porvoo bus station by the free Jukola bus. The Jukola bus departs from the Porvoo bus station next to the market square on Raatihuoneenkatu, in front of the City Hall. The buses run from Saturday 17 June at 9.00 am, with a flexible frequency of every 20 minutes and non-stop during peak times until 22.00. From 22.00 on Sat 17 June to 9.00 on Sun 18 June, the bus will run every hour on the hour. From 9.00 onwards, the bus will run every 20 minutes and during rush hours non-stop until 16.00. The journey to the competition centre takes approx. 20 min. Buses will leave the competition centre and return to Porvoo as soon as passengers waiting at the bus stop have boarded.

Motorhomes and caravans

Caravans and motorhomes must reserve their place in advance via the registration system, as indicated in the invitation to the competition. The number of places for these vehicles is limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The parking fee of EUR 50/100 will be paid in advance through the registration system as an online payment.

Motor homes/caravans will be guided from the Porvoo motorway, VT7, Sannainen exit, junction 63, via Sannaistenie – Jakarinte – Ylikentie – Epoonie to the parking area.

You may only enter the parking area if you have reserved and paid for a parking space in advance in the registration system. See

When arriving by motor home/caravan, follow the signs and the traffic controllers and be prepared to give your name + the name of the person who has reserved the space, when entering the area. Parking tickets will not be sent in advance to those who have reserved a space, but you will only be admitted if your name is on the list.

The parking area for motor homes and caravans opens on Friday 16 June at 10.00 and closes on Sunday 18 June at 16.00. The maximum distance from the car park to the competition centre is 1500 metres. There are toilets in the area.

There is no provision for emptying septic tanks in the car park. It is advisable to empty the tanks before entering the Jukola. There is no electricity available in the area. All open fires, barbecues, etc. are prohibited outside the motor home or trailer. The use of awnings and front awnings is also prohibited. The minimum distance between vehicles is 4 metres and when parking, the instructions of the parking supervisors must be strictly followed. The use of aggregates in the tourist vehicle area is prohibited at night from 22:00 to 07:00.


Club buses

The club buses will be directed to the competition centre via Porvoo, to the passenger unloading point at Epoontie 500, from where they will be directed out via the same route.

Guidance will start from the Porvoo motorway, VT7.

Buses coming from Helsinki will be directed via Skarpens exit, junction 61, via Myrskyläntie – Werner Söderströminkatu – Teollisuustie – Merituulentie – Kevätkummuntie – Humlantie – Pihlajantie – Tarkkistentie – Epoontie.

Buses coming from Koskenkylä are directed via the Rita exit, junction 62, via Loviisantie – Teollisuustie – Merituulentie – Kevätkummuntie – Humlantie – Pihlajantie – Tarkkistentie – Epoontie.

On Epoontie, on the western side of the competition centre, no other vehicle traffic is permitted, with the exception of maintenance, rescue and site traffic.

The unloading of buses will take place on a first-come, first-served basis. A maximum of 6 buses will be taken to the unloading area at a time, and the queue will take place on Epoontie, in the right-hand lane of the road, in the direction of Epoo. Traffic controllers will supervise the waiting and unloading of the buses. These instructions must be strictly followed.

There must be a designated person in charge of each club bus. The person in charge of the unloading point will distribute written instructions to the driver and the person in charge, upon arrival of the buses, on how to get to the bus park at Jääkiekkotie 1 and how to load the buses on Sunday.

The organiser will not provide transport to the campsite for unloaded goods from the buses. The distance from the unloading point to the camping site will not exceed 1100 metres.

It should be noted that on Sunday, when leaving the campsite, the company buses can only enter the unloading and loading area with permission when the entire travel company is ready to board the bus in its entirety. Traffic controllers will supervise entry. The persons in charge of the buses must establish contact with their driver at the waiting area.

Bus waiting will take place on Epoontie, in the right lane of the road, in the direction of Epoo. Buses may arrive to wait for loading permission from 9.00 am on Sunday, but it is desirable that the bus arrives as close as possible to the time when the travel company of the bus is estimated to be ready to leave the competition site.

The designated contact person for the club buses will inform the person in charge of the unloading point when the entire travel company is ready to board the bus as a whole. The person in charge of the unloading point will give permission for each bus contact person to call his driver to the unloading and loading area.

The instructions of the person in charge of the unloading point and the traffic controllers must be strictly observed.



Motorcycles (and mopeds) have their own parking spaces on both sides of the competition centre. Motorcycles and mopeds can arrive from both directions and there is no separate signposting. Motorcycle and moped parking is also subject to a fee and the parking fee is paid via the domestic ParkMan application You can pay for parking in advance or on the spot. 

Pre-download the ParkMan app on your phone from the App store or Play app store. You can also get help with the download from ParkMan support staff at the competition info or at the Parking Service Point. The parking fee is €20. You can also buy a parking ticket with Mobilepay, card payment and cash at the competition info or with Mobilepay and card payment at the Parking Service Point. Parking fees will be checked on exit throughout the event. Payment of the parking fee will be shown on the phone or by showing the parking ticket. Please note that a vehicle that has not paid the parking fee on leaving will be charged retrospectively, with a parking fee of €20 + €10 billing supplement.



Bicycles have their own parking space at the competition centre. Parking is free of charge.

The safest and shortest route by bicycle from the city of Porvoo is along the Holken hard-surfaced ski trail. The Jukola signposted route is 8.5 km long and the signposting starts at the junction of Humlantie and Pihlajatie.


Leaving the competition centre

Exit from the competition centre and the parking area will follow the same routes as on arrival, as instructed by the organisers. If necessary, traffic congestion will be regulated by traffic controllers. Parking fees will be checked on exit. Payment of the parking fee will be shown on the telephone or by showing the parking ticket.



The taxi stand is located in the competition centre next to the bus unloading area, at Epoontie 500. The location is indicated on the map of the competition centre. You get into the taxi from the taxi stand. You can order a taxi from the taxi service of your choice. Please remember to tell them that you will be taking the western route, i.e. via Stensböle.


Preparing for the competition


Competition info

The competition information desk is located in the competition centre next to the Jukola gate. Team material and return maps will be distributed at the competition information desk. A collection ticket for these must be printed out in advance. A digital version is not sufficient. At the information desk you can buy model navigation and training maps, plastic covers for maps, parking tickets, sauna tickets and safety pins. Payment can be made by MobilePay, cash, debit or credit card.

Please check the validity of your Emit card before arriving at the Porvoo Borgå Jukola. In the competition centre you can check the Emit card next to the info and in front of the check-in tent. You can rent an Emit card from the competition information desk to replace an inoperative one. Emit cards are available for sale in Suunnistajan Kauppa.


Information boards and guidance

The information board is located near the competition info. There are also guide boards in the competition centre and in the unloading areas for the buses, which provide information on the activities of the competition centre. In the tent areas there will be maps and notice boards showing the location of the tent pitches and the clubs’ tent pitches.



During the race weekend, there will be the opportunity to practice model orienteering near the competition centre. The course markings and grid layout on the model orienteering map correspond to those used in the competition. The courses will have the same code label and flag as in the competition. There are no Emit stamps on the courses.

The maps will be on sale at the competition info from Fri 16 June 10.00.

For more information on other training opportunities, check The model map is 10 €/each and the training maps for the Jukola are 10 €/each.


Runner bank

In the runner bank on the Porvoo Borgå Jukola website teams can search for runners for missing legs and runners without a team can indicate their wish to run in the relay.


Following the competition



The start, changeover and finish can be followed and filmed in the competition centre from areas reserved for the public. Video boards in the competition centre will show the events in the competition centre and on the terrain. GPS tracking devices will be used to monitor the progress of the top teams.

There is an air traffic restriction in the area, so no flying drones will be allowed, except for TV production.


TV and radio

The Jukola organiser and Kruuva Oy will provide television coverage on the competition centre screens. Yle will broadcast both the Venla and the Jukola relay on TV. The broadcast will be available on Yle channels and on Yle Areena.

Yle Puhe radio will follow the event throughout the night.

The English-language Jukola Live coverage of the Porvoo Borgå-Jukola can be watched on IOF TV: Both relays on Jukola Live cost a total of €25. 


Forest Church

There is a Forest Church in the area of the Jukola competition centre. The Forest Church, which is open on Saturday 17 June from 13.00 to 24.00 and on Sunday from 8.00 to 12.00, is open for silence, prayer, peace and quiet or even for discussion. There will be a communion service in the Forest Church on Saturday 17 at 21.00, which takes about an hour. The Forest Church is organised by Borgå svenska domkyrkoförsamling and Porvoon suomalainen seurakunta (Swedish and Finnish churches of Porvoo). The Forest Church will be streamed online:


Children’s World

The Children’s World is located in the competition centre in the kindergarten area. There will be a variety of activities for children on Saturday from 09.00 to 21.00 and Sunday from 09.00 to 13.00. Diaper changing and food heating is possible 24 hours a day in the Children’s World. For more information and a more detailed programme, visit the Porvoo Borgå-Jukola website.

NOTE! There is no supervised childcare at the Children’s World. Children are under the responsibility of their parents. 


VIP guests and media

The VIP guests will be met in the VIP information point which is located in the VIP area. Accredited media will be received at the media information desk in the media centre, located near the festivities stage.


Food and drink

In addition to the main restaurant and café, Porvoo Borgå Jukola’s competitors and spectators will be served in the Street Food area. There is also an ice-cream and cake shop in the competition centre. In the Defence Forces’ demonstration area there will be a café. The opening hours of the restaurants and cafés can be found under Opening hours.

The Street Food area will offer a wide variety of dishes. Chicken street food will be available at the Kariniemi Kanavaanar. The American Burger truck will bring artisan burgers to the event. Street Pitas Food Truck serves Mediterranean artisan pies & salads. El Mexican Street Food Truck brings a touch of Mexican flavors with burritos and nacho plates. There are also gourmet hot dogs inspired by New York street kitchens with toppings. For traditional event food lovers, Royal Grill serves royal sausage fries and meat or chicken kebabs. The chefs at the Fish Restaurant created tasty salmon dishes & crispy butter-fried vendaces. A restaurant built around Beanit will serve vegan dishes at the event. 

Soft drinks and water will be available for purchase at all restaurants.

The main competition restaurant will serve a variety of traditional ‘home cooking’; pea soup, lasagna, beetroot and oatmeal stew with rice and chicken korma with rice. Servings include bread, spread, water & salad. A refreshment stand will also be available at the event, serving coffee, tea, rolls, sweet buns, juice and soft drinks.

Almost all dishes will be available lactose-free. Dairy-free and gluten-free options are also available. A veggie portion is available at almost every point. The staff can give information about product ingredients, and they can also be found on site and on the website for more details. It is possible to omit ingredients from the portions to account for allergens. 

On Fridays, restaurants have a limited choice. On Friday, only some restaurants will be open. From Saturday onwards, all restaurants will be open, some lines may be closed at off-peak times.

Each restaurant and café has its own cash desk, where cash and the most common debit and credit cards are accepted.

The busiest times in the restaurants are around relay starts, at breakfast time (from 04-05) and after the Venla relay finish. During these times you should be prepared for queues. There are plenty of food restaurants in the area to ensure that the food service runs as smoothly as possible. There are a few tables and bench seatings near the restaurant for diners who need a place to sit down (e.g., families with children).

The restaurants use biodegradable disposable containers, which are sorted into bio-waste. Please act responsibly and put your rubbish in the rubbish collection points. We are guests on city land, do not litter. Thank you in advance!


Drinking water

There are designated drinking water stations marked on the map at the competition center and accommodation areas. Drinking water stations can be found at the start and exchange area as well as near the finish line. It is prohibited to wash equipment at the drinking water stations. Equipment washing is only allowed at the designated area next to the equipment washing facility.


The event centre is open to tents and camper cars / caravans from Friday June 16th from 10.00. Take care of your valuables! The use of open fire, grills, camping and gas cookers etc. is strictly forbidden. Smoking is prohibited except in designated smoking areas that are marked on the guide map.

Camping areas

Camping in tents takes place in pre-reserved, numbered tent pitches. The camping areas are located about 1000-1500 metres from the competition centre. The tent places are 10 x 10 metres in size and they are numbered in the field. The reserved tent places are shown on the Porvoo Borgå Jukola website as well as on information boards located at the camping area and at the competition info.

Tents Set Up by Organiser (Rented Tents)

The pre-reserved rented tents set up by the organiser are located about 100-1000 metres
from the competition centre (Mäntylä). Tents are numbered with signs next to the tents. The tent places and numbers can be seen on the Porvoo Borgå Jukola website and on information boards located at the camping area and at the competition info. The tents are not heated. Further information from the competition info.


Wind Shelters

The teams’ wind shelters can be set up in pre-reserved places shown by the organisers.
Pathways must be left free. Other tents and the use of open fire, gas grills, camping and gas cookers etc. is strictly forbidden in the wind shelter areas.

Wind shelters can be brought to the area on Wednesday, June 14, between 10:00 and
21:00, and on Thursday, June 15, between 10:00 and 21:00. During this time, you can leave your car at the bus unloading area for 15 minutes while unloading the tent. It is no longer possible to drive there on Friday.

On Sunday 18th June 2023 dismantled tents from the windshelter area can be picked up by car from the bus turnaround between 10:00-13:30 and 14:30-18:00.

During pick-up, cars cannot be left in the parking lot even for a short time. Items to be picked must be ready for pick-up nearby the bus turnaround spot. The goods must be quickly loaded into the car and the cars are immediately driven away from the area.

Other Services:

Battery Charging

The competition info offers a limited amount of mobile phone charging points. Take your own charger with you.


Storage of valuables

There is no organised locked storage for valuables. Please take care of your valuables. The organisation of Jukola is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen personal property.


Use of Internet and mobile phones

As in all bigger events, the mobile networks’ capacity is limited. The goal is to use mobile devices without consuming too much of this limited capacity, so that for example the GPS-tracking of the competition works properly. Use of normal websites, such as the online result service is not a problem. Due to high loads on the internet network, it is not recommended to watch videos or television broadcasts or download video streams. Please do not create or download video streams in the event centre (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.), as this causes a high load on the network and endangers GPS-tracking.


Careeria foot care

The foot care specialists from Careeria educational institution offer foot treatments during the Jukola event at their own exhibition tent. Services include light massage of the feet, lower legs and calves, kinesiology taping, skin protection, adhesive foam pads for the skin, as well as product sales. Opening hours can be found in the Opening Hours section.

Jukola Shop

The Jukola shop offers official Jukola products. Some special limited items can be found in the store. Noname is the partner in charge of organising the Jukola shop.

Jukola App

You can download the Jukola app to your mobile device from the Play Store or the App

Competition maps

Competition maps with all controls are sold at the information centre from Sunday June 18th 10:00 a.m. at a price of 10€/ map.

Heating of baby food and changing of diapers

Heating of baby food and changing of diapers is possible in the Children’s World, located in the facilities of Epoo kindergarten.

Lost and Found

Items found during the event weekend can be handed in to the competition info. Missing items can be looked for in the info until Sunday at 4 pm after which the lost items will be delivered to the Jukola office where they will be stored for a week. After a week the more valuable items will be delivered to the Porvoo police station, Tulliportinkatu 1,  06100 Porvoo. Opening hours are from Monday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 4:15 PM, and on Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:15 PM. For inquiries about lost items, you can contact us by phone from Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:15 PM at the number 029 541 3711.

Instruction board

The main instruction board is located in front of the competition info.


Payment Methods

In the restaurants, Jukola Shop, and competition info desk, payment can be done in cash or with most common bank and credit cards (e.g., Visa, MasterCard) or MobilePay. Contactless payment is also accepted. The largest banknote accepted at Jukola sales and service points is 20 euros. Only the competition info accepts 50 € banknotes.

Private businesses in the area accept different forms of payment at their own discretion. There is no currency exchange or cash withdrawal possibility at the competition centre.

Several cash ATMs can be found in Porvoo. The following cash ATMs are available near the departure point of the Jukola non-stop bus in the vicinity of Porvoo Market Square:

Rauhankatu 27, Porvoo
Piispankatu 32, Porvoo
Lundinkatu 12 (in Lund Shopping Center), Porvoo



The washing facility is located in the competition centre. In addition to showers, there are tent saunas available at the washing facility. Separate bathing facilities are reserved for women during the Jukola relay.

The saunas are heated on Friday and are available from 4 pm to 9 pm. On Saturday, the showers open at 9 am. All saunas are warm from Saturday at 2 pm until Sunday at 4 pm.

During the Jukola relay, there is a smaller sauna available for women starting from Saturday at 11 pm. From Saturday at 2 pm to 10 pm, the smaller sauna is for men. Signs indicating the correct sauna and bathing facilities can be found on the doors of the washing facility. The sauna fee is €5, which can be paid on-site in cash, with MobilePay, or with the most common payment cards. Sauna tickets can also be purchased at the competition info. The sauna fee includes a disposable seat towel.

On behalf of the organizers no washing products available. Using  of your own washing products is allowed. There are separate collection containers for returnable bottles and cans in the washing facility area.



The taxi stand is located in the competition centre next to the bus unloading area, at Epoontie 500. The location is marked on the competition centre map. Taxis are boarded from the taxi stand. You can order a taxi from the taxi service of your choice. Remember to inform them to take the western route via Stensböle when coming to the location.



The use of open fire and the use of any outdoor and gas cookers, barbeques, and tent heaters is strictly forbidden in the entire event centre and in all accommodation areas, inside and outside the tents and in parking areas. Fire ban will be supervised.



Photography in the event area is permitted. Pictures and video material of competitors will be taken by the organiser and by private photographers during the event. By participating in this event, you agree that the organiser of the event may use the pictures taken at the event for their own purposes.

Private photographers must obey the instructions of the organiser (concerning forbidden areas e.g.) and the common rules of photographing the competitors.


Equipment recycling at Eemeli’s recycling stand

There is an equipment recycling table near the equipment washing area. You can bring your used equipment to the table, even if they have minor flaws, and someone else might find them useful. The items placed on the table are free for anyone to take during the weekend. Any remaining items after the event will be disposed of.


Cleaning of equipment

There is a separate equipment washing point close to the showers and sauna. Washing of sports gear elsewhere is forbidden.



The toilets in the competition centre are marked on the competition centre map. All the toilets have hand disinfection liquid available. Waste items such as diapers or plastic wrappings must be put into the correct rubbish bins, not in the toilet. Please make sure you take care of good hand hygiene!



Jukola is an environmentally friendly event. The event organisation follows the guidelines of the Ekokompassi certification awarded to Joensuu-Jukola in 2017. Ekokompassi is an environmental system designed for events and small businesses. 

It is important not to litter the environment, and every competitor and spectator is expected to sort their waste. We kindly ask all participants to pay special attention to proper waste sorting.

At Porvoo Borgå Jukola, waste is sorted and sent for recycling according to local sorting guidelines after the competition. There are several waste sorting stations available at the competition centre.


Sorting waste at the event centre


  • cardboard containers, such as milk and juice cartons
  • cardboard food packages such as biscuit packets.
  • paper bags
  • toilet rolls and kitchen paper rolls
  • corrugated cardboard packaging
  • multi-packaging cartons of beverages


  • all kind of paper excluding paper bags


  • foodstuffs and paper napkins


  • food plastics, e.g. cans, bags, boxes, wraps and tray
  • Non-returnable plastic bottles

Mixed waste

  • slightly soiled cardboard and paper packaging and textiles
  • used disposable containers, including cartons
  • contaminated carton packaging, e.g. pizza boxes, ice-cream cases
  • textiles such as clothing
  • energy gel wrappers
  • coffee and crisp bags
  • empty medicinal products, and other containers containing aluminium which are not suitable for metals recycling.
  • diapers, and other used hygiene products
  • shoes and other articles of rubber, leather and imitation leather
  • PVC plastics, 03-labelled and other unidentified plastic products

Metal and glass

  • Separate containers for metal and glass

Returnable bottles and cans

  • separate containers located close to the food and drink services and in the shower/sauna area.
  • A returnable bottle is identified by the PALPA deposit mark, which also shows the deposit value.


Batteries and electrical equipment can be returned to the competition info.


Energy gel wrappers or other wastes should be put in rubbish bins in drink stations or to the rubbish bins located around the competition centre. Please do not litter!


Carbonwise Jukola

The goal of Porvoo Borgå Jukola is to be a carbonwise event. Here are some carbonwise tips for Jukola.


The emissions resulting from travel have the highest environmental impact on sports events.

Tip 1

Arrive together as a group. Carpooling efficiently reduces travel emissions. Four people in one car reduce each person’s emissions to 25 percent per trip. Not to mention team buses!

Tip 2

Opt for the low-emission electric bus transportation from the centre of Porvoo to the competition centre. Alternatively, make the entire journey using public transportation: arrive in Porvoo by bus and hop on an electric bus from the city centre.

Tip 3

Calculate your own travel carbon footprint and take climate action. At Jukola, there is a calculator available that allows you to calculate the carbon footprint of your own travels. We also offer a great opportunity to make impactful climate actions by purchasing biochar from the Jukola online store and Jukola shop.


You can easily reduce your emissions and lighten your carbon footprint multiple times a day by choosing vegetarian/vegan meals.

Tip 4

The majority of restaurants offer vegetarian options at the competition area!

Tip 5

Bring vegetarian-based snacks for the competition! Even small choices can have a big impact. Make sure to choose recyclable or biodegradable packaging materials.


Recycled waste conserves natural resources, and sorting promotes the reuse of materials as new resources. However, the best option is to minimise waste generation altogether.

Tip 6

Consider your own consumption and purchases. Acquire only what is necessary and reduce your waste footprint.

Tip 7

Do not litter in nature! There are several recycling points available in the competition centre.

Tip 8

Remember to sort and recycle your waste also at the accommodation area, parking area, and when arriving at Jukola and on your way back home!


Drinks are needed and consumed abundantly at sports events, especially in the summer heat. Or even in slightly cooler weather.

Tip 9

Use your own water bottle and refill it with the cleanest tap water in the world. You can find plenty of clearly marked drinking water stations at the competition centre and accommodation areas.

Tip 10

Keep valuable materials in circulation for as long as possible and return refundable bottles and cans to their designated collection containers. It may sound simple, but it can be easily forgotten in the rush of the moment.


Forbidden Actions

It is forbidden to advertise or sell any products or services in any part of the event area, including accommodation areas, parking areas and the competition centre, without written permission by the event organiser. Advertising other orienteering events is only allowed on the information board reserved for this purpose. The board is located next to the result board. It is not allowed to deliver advertisements onto the car windshields.

It is absolutely forbidden to use radio phones operating on VHF frequencies in the competition centre area (excluding the organisation staff).

Use of helicopter drone cameras is forbidden for security reasons. There is a restriction for aerial traffic in the event area (the restriction excludes the TV-production).

There is an unconditional smoking ban in the competition centre based on the Finnish tobacco laws except for a designated smoking point. The smoking point is located close to the beer tent and is marked on the area map.

Consumption of one’s own alcohol drinks is forbidden in the competition centre. Drinking of alcoholic beverages is only allowed in the beer tent area.

The use of open fire and the use of any outdoor and gas cookers, barbeques and tent heaters is strictly forbidden in the entire event centre and in all accommodation areas, inside and outside the tents and in parking areas. Fire ban will be supervised.

Camping in the wind shelter area is forbidden.

Club flags cannot be placed in the competition centre (open area). In the accommodation area and in the wind shelter area flags can be used. Please take care that placing of flags in the areas with TV cameras does not interfere with TV. The flags that disturb TV coverage will be removed.


Did you know that…

You can advertise orienteering events on the information board which is located next to the result board. If you want to advertise or sell something in the event area (including the accommodation and parking area and the competition centre) you have to have a written permission of the competition organiser.

According to the rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation (FOF), it is the duty of all competitors to help injured competitors. Further, in case of a missing competitor, it is the duty of any competitor to help if the organiser asks.

See the competition guidelines in competition instructions


Welcome to Porvoo Borgå Jukola!

Let’s create a safe and clean, amazing orienteering event together!