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Photo cavalcade of Porvoo Borgå Jukola

The Porvoo Borgå Jukola 2023 is now finished. But anyone can return to the atmosphere of the orienteering relay that…

Routegadget and Livelox

Venla relay and Jukola relay routes are in RouteGadget amd Livelox

Lost property

You can inquire about lost items primarily via the Jukola office’s email: In addition, they can be requested during…

All participants in the forest

An enormous dust cloud followed the orienteerers in the restart for legs 2-6 into the forest at 9:30. These runners…

A happy Elina Gustafsson finished her leg in Jukola

– Oh boy, am I happy. Minna Kauppi told me that if I can make it in less than two…

Helsingin Suunnistajat best Finnish team

Helsingin Suunnistajat’s seven orienteerers delivered a solid performance in this year’s Jukola relay and finished third as best Finnish team…

Porvoo Jukola decided at the last controls – Stora Tuna wins

On Sunday morning the Jukola relay’s anchor leg turned into a cliffhanger between two Swedish teams.   The Stora Tuna…

The Jukola message urges to protect the Baltic Sea

The Jukola message urges to protect the Baltic Sea According to tradition, one member of the winning Jukola team reads…

Atmosphere from Jukola Night

Picture Micki Kulju   The Jukola organization is fortunate to collaborate with several volunteer photographers. Below you will find pictures…

Night orienteering tempts Norwegian women to Finland

The large grass field is still crowded even if the sun has already set, and the men are out on…

First mounted police ever in Jukola

This year for the first time ever, the police used a mounted patrol for keeping order at Jukola. One team…

The Jukola team was sent out into the Epoo forest

  The 74th Jukola was sent off an hour before midnight. In a cloud of dust and flashing headlamps, 1…

Catering for all tastes

There are many different alternatives for eating at Jukola. In the main restaurant, you may choose between lasagna, pea soup,…

Lost and found

Anything found in the competition area is collected at the info tent. We asked what kind of stuff people have…

Course setters surprised over misses

The course setters Stefan Karlsson (left) and Pekka Vuorinen smiled smugly as the Venla relay was decided through orienteering skills….

A repeat win for Göteborg in the Venla relay

The IFK Göteborg era at the top of the Venla relay continued, when the team repeated their win from last…

Kalevan Rasti was the best Finnish team on the podium

Kalevan Rasti, the major orienteering club from Joensuu, was third, improving its position from last year by one. KR’s anchor…

Your body needs salt and water

The first aid points are most busy right now, as the Venla relay is underway. There are sprained ankles and…

Swedish runner first at Venla change

Fastest in the Venla opening leg, Veronika Kalinina from IFK Lidingö was happy as she arrived in the lead to…

Get your Porvoo souvenirs at the Jukola Shop

Visitors to Porvoo Borgå Jukola can handily buy souvenirs with Porvoo motifs in the Jukola Shop within the competition area….

We must be prepared for anything

– In case anything out of the ordinary would happen at the Jukola site, we must react to it, says…

Almost 1,600 Venla teams now in the Ebbo forests

The Venla relay started at 14:00 sharp from the Jukola competition center in Ebbo, Porvoo, Finland. The thermometer showed +27…

Remember to drink water in the heat

Tomorrow we are expecting high summer heat and in Porvoo the gauge will rise to 27 degrees. This means it…

Arriving at Jukola

Parking places east of Porvoo – follow the signs All Jukola parking places are situated east of Porvoo. There are…

World champion Liisa Peltola enjoys volunteering at Jukola

Somewhat surprisingly, one of the orienteerers waiting to set out on the second leg of the run-through rehearsal at Porvoo…

Ticks in the terrain

Finland is most famous for all kinds of mosquitos which supposedly have up to five cm long blood suckers. Also,…

Many teams have not submitted their running order

The running order for about one hundred teams has not been submitted before the deadline 15.6 18:00. The registration system…

Elina Gustafsson and Anna-Liisa Bergström – first timers at Jukola

Elina Gustafsson is a former boxer and European Champion in boxing. When the OP Pohjola insurance company asked Elina to…

In 2027, the Jukola Relay will be held in Sotkamo

The Jukola Relay Steering Committee has awarded the rights to organise the 2027 Jukola Relay to Sotkamo, north-east Finland. Sotkamon…

Facts and Numbers of Porvoo Borgå Jukola 2023

The 74th Jukola relay The 45th Venla relay. Jukola-teams 1695 ( x 7 = 11 865 competitors) Venla-teams 1549 (x…

The last preparations on their way

Three volunteers, who already can relax somewhat. Everything which can be done has been done, and we may only hope…

Jukola sauna includes swimming pool

This year the Jukola sauna will include a swimming pool. Porvoo Borgå Jukola’s cooperation partner Muovi-Simola Oy has donated a…

It’s forecast to be hot over the weekend – be prepared!

Weekend forecast set to be hot. The heat will be particularly hard on those taking part in the Venla relay,…

Parking at Jukola competition area can be paid with ParkMan mobile app

Parking fees at the Jukola will be handled in a new way. The event’s partner, the Finnish company ParkMan, has…

What is OK Trian?

Writer: Micke Kulju, Photographer: Jarmo Koskela This year’s Jukola relay is organised by OK Trian. But what exactly is it? Ok…

Porvoo’s square has program during the whole Jukola weekend

The programme for the Jukola race weekend will kick off on Friday 16 June at 18:00, when Porvoo Square will…

IOF TV stream

IOF TV will stream Porvoo Borgå Jukola 2023 both in English and Swedish. Get the broadcast from the link below!

Use an Emit device that is less than five years old

In the Jukola and Venla relays, the correct running of the course is verified by the Emit stamping system. The…

Porvoo, the city of charming moments

We welcome all orienteerers and supporters to Porvoo, the city of charming moments. With Jukolan Relay being such an great…

The competition numbers of the Porvoo Borgå Jukola teams have been published!

The start numbers of the Venla and Jukola relay teams have now been published on the Jukola website. In the…

Porvoo Borgå Jukola Training and use of terrain

Reminder to orienteering clubs regarding the training terrains and courses for Porvoo Borgå Jukola. Training on maps owned by the…

The course-setters were challenged to a long control interval

The work of Porvoo Borgå Jukola’s course-setter are progressing on schedule. With great volunteer work, the extensive bagging and sorting…

The world’s largest orienteering relay leads the way for the future

Porvoo Borgå Jukola brings together over 50,000 people. In such a crowd, even the smallest environmental actions form large streams. …

Carbonwise Jukola – to control 2

Carbonwise is built with professional expertise and research-based knowledge. The project has been built from the ground up through collaboration,…

Thierry Gueorgiou: The most enjoyable morning of the year

The current coach of the Finnish national orienteering team, Frenchman Thierry Gueorgiou, won 14 world championships in his national orienteering…

84 days for the Jukola relay

Porvoo Borgå Jukola 2023 course setter’s blog   Snow melting and maps ready – towards Porvoo Borgå Jukola When we…

Lasse Virén: Not long until Jukola now!

– Orienteering is a wonderful sport. And whenever I’ve run into Juha Mieto he’s certainly praised the Jukola relay in…

Carbonwise Jukola – to control 1

The preparations for the Jukola relay are at their peak. The world’s largest orienteering relay event takes years to build,…

Thursday 2nd February at 23:59 the registration to normal price closes!

Remember to register your team AND pay the registration fee by then.

Peaceful Christmas

On behalf of Porvoo Borgå Jukola, I wish all the people of Jukola the most peaceful Christmas and success for…

The registration for Porvoo Borgå Jukola is now open

More about the registration HERE

Jani Lakanen – Jukola hints 2023

Jukola is a unique opportunity both for the world’s top orienteers and for amateurs, where both competitive and casual athletes…

Carbowise Jukola leads the way for future events

The Jukola relay taking place in Porvoo next year aims to minimize the environmental effects and carbon footprint of the…