Carbonwise Jukola -from words to actions



The main goal of the Carbonwise Jukola project is to develop and pilot an operating- and learning model for a mass event that generates the smallest possible carbon footprint in connection with the Jukola event in Porvoo-Borgå, in collaboration with companies and partners involved in event production. The project is implemented by Posintra, the orienteering club OK Trian, and Aalto University. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

We need everyones contributions to achieve a carbon wise Jukola. The organizer, partners, competitors and participants are all doing their part. One thing ties to another one and this is why everyone’s help is needed to achieve the set goals. On this page we’ll tell how words turn into actions.

Carbon wise actions from the committees


17.3 – The goal is an operating and learning model

The purpose of the Carbonwise Jukola project is to build an operating and learning model for organizing mass events in the most carbon wise way possible. Alongside OK Trian, the project includes the local development company Posintra and Aalto University. The project is being implemented through strong collaboration with local businesses supported by Posintra, with continuous research and scientific perspective brought by university partnership. The project involves ongoing dialogue among different stakeholders, with weekly progress updates and a reflection on whether the right actions are being taken. The project also aims to increase awareness of carbon wise practices among local businesses and support them on their journey towards more sustainable operations.

The goal is to create a concrete tool for action and learning that can easily be applied to any event. Is a mass event like Jukola is built from scratch in the middle of nowhere, this learning model will probably contain more information than most organizers need.


6.3.2023 – The committees have brainstormed ideas and different alternatives have bravely been mapped and more carbon wise decisions will be made during the spring. The Arena production’s theme is to save electricity by not lighting up unnecessary areas of the arena and using dark backgrounds instead of light ones for the material shown on the big screens. This action saves energy and reduces light pollution.

Material efficiency is also one of the main themes. This theme can probably br considered in every production. How much rotating equipment is there? How much do we own? How much do we need to rent/borrow? How to control the rotating equipment and how to reduce it responsibly? The partners in Porvoo Jukola have taken a active role and a lot of equipment they can’t reuse is going to be used during the Jukola weekend.


3.3.2023 – The land of a thousand lakes and forests. In Finland we have enough trees, or do we? Even if there is enough trees, the Map and course committee decided to order the timber needed for the controls in custom lengths and possible surplus will be used in the building of the competition centre.

From the roughly 20 000 orienteers heading into the forest you can imaging the amount of cups needed at the drinking controls. Instead of plastic cups, cups made from cardboard will be used at Jukola.


1.3.2023 – The Jukola relay committees are in a key position when planning how to build a carbon wise mass event. The work done by the committees helps to achieve concrete changes in the building of the event and in the minds of the people building it. The maintenance committee has decided that the advertising signs are going to be made out of recyclable cardboard instead of plastic. The advertising signs are mostly single use so recyclable cardboard is a considerably smarter choice.

The competition leaflet will only be printed in a batch of 1500 copies, which will be available in the competition centre during the weekend. You can also read the competition leaflet in digital form when ever and wherever during the competition weekend. A solution for sending out the competition leaflet with the local newspapers was also wanted, the solution is a digital version + small printed batch. Taking into account the big distribution area the decision was easy to make.


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