Welcome to the Porvoo Jukola organisation!
A small village will be built in Epoo for the Jukola relay weekend and a lot of volunteers with a wide range of skills will be needed to construct and run the village, and eventually to dismantle it. The world’s largest orienteering relay is put together annually by more than 1500 volunteers with various assignments. Will you join, too? There are many assignments on offer, which do not require expertise in the sport, but rather a desire and passion to be involved in making a great sporting event. Find yourself the right committee and register in the Lyyti registration system as a volunteer!The events volunteer manager Esa Liukkonen (040 716 9114, will answer general questions regarding the volunteering.

Committees and contact persons

Arena production Mikko Reitti, 044 580 5455,

Maintenance Jari Pullinen, 040 584 6055,

ICT and results Mauri Karlin, 040 742 2136,

Map and courses Pasi Liitiäinen, 040 540 2872,

Competition centre Hannu Fabritius,

Safety Risto Säynäväjärvi, 040 5693 706

Logistics Peter Tallberg, 0500718269,

Marketing Jari Johansson 050 4656512,

Finance Nina Simosas, 050 3412704,

Communication and media Nina Sevelius, 050 3677 392,

Restaurants Catharina Borgman,

Office and programme Heidi Liljeström, 050 363 7488,

Environment Jukka Puustinen, 040 546 1393,