Porvoo Jukola is being held in the village of Epoo, 10 km southeast of the Porvoo city centre. The Competition Centre is located on both sides of Epoontie (1552), which will be cut off from traffic during the racing weekend.

All bus traffic to the area is directed from the west, the direction of Porvoo city centre. The bus unloading point is in the immediate vicinity of the competition centre and accommodation areas. Cars and campers are directed from the east, the direction of Sannais, and are parked on fields around two kilometres from the competition centre and accommodation areas. You can also arrive by motorcycle or bicycle from either direction.

Porvoo Jukola can easily be reached by bus. There are excellent public bus services to Porvoo from either Helsinki or elsewhere. From the Porvoo bus station to the competition centre will a Jukola bus operate non-stop throughout the weekend. The residents of Porvoo should be no means consider taking their car to Epoo, as the Jukola bus will conveniently pick people up from several stops along the route.

If you arrive by boat, consider docking at the guest harbour of Porvoo, as there will only be a few hundred meters walk to the bus station.

Motorists will also find convenient parking areas further away, with bus transportation directly to the competition centre. Using these will save you from possible traffic jams and will easily get you right to the competition centre and accommodation areas.

And remember, carpooling and using public transportation is also an environmental act.