The international orienteering relay competitions, the 74th Jukola Relay and the 45th Venla Relay, will be held in Porvoo 17.-18.6.2023. The event organizer is Orienteringsklubben Trian rf.

The competition instructions for the Porvoo Borgå-Jukola competition, as well as the event programme and a “Guide to Porvoo Borgå-Jukola” will be published as electronic versions. All competitors are asked to download these beforehand.


74. Jukola Relay

An orienteering relay competition with seven legs for teams from orienteering clubs and other associations. The winning team will be awarded the challenge trophy ”Havuoksa, rauhan viiri” (“conifer branch, a pennon of peace”), donated by the Kaukametsäläiset association.

Estimated distance Estimated leg time Climb
1. 12,8 km dark 73 min 270 m
2. 12,8 km dark 76 min 285 m
3. 14,4 km dark/dawn 84 min 365 m
4. 8,2 km dawn/daylight 48 min 215 m
5. 9,5 km daylight 55 min 270 m
6. 9,3 km daylight 54 min 275 m
7. 15,2 km daylight 88 min 405 m
Total 82,2 km 7h 58 min 2085 m


All legs include approximately 500 meters of marked route. Forking is used in all legs. The sun sets at 10:48 p.m. on Saturday, 17th of June and rises at 3:48 a.m. on Sunday, 18th of June. The race starts with a mass start at 11.00 p.m. on Saturday, 17th of June 2023.


45. Venla Relay

An orienteering relay competition with four legs for women’s teams from orienteering clubs and other associations. The winning team will be awarded the challenge trophy “Venlan avaimet” (“Venla’s keys”) donated by the Kaukametsäläiset association.

Estimated distance Estimated leg time Climb
1. 6,7 km 45 min 160 m
2. 5,5 km 36 min 130 m
3. 6,6 km 44 min 160 m
4. 7,7 km 51 min 210 m
Total 26,5 km 2h 56min 660 m


All legs include approximately 500 meters of marked route. Forking is used in all legs. The race starts with a mass start at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, 17th of June 2023.


General information

The event is regulated by the rules of the Suomen Suunnistusliitto (the Finnish Orienteering Federation (FOF)). The rules of FOF are available on the FOF website at www.suunnistusliitto.fi. It is forbidden to use spiked shoes, but shoes with studs are permitted. GPS trackers will be allocated to chosen teams and must be worn throughout the competition. The chosen teams named by the organizers will use numbered vests.

The embargoed (forbidden) area can be found on the Porvoo Borgå-Jukola’s website: https://jukola.com/2023/en/training-ban-area/

Competition Map and Punching System

Offset printed orienteering map with a scale of 1:10 000 and a contour interval of 5 meters (ISOM2017) will be printed in March 2023. Mapped by Jussi Silvennoinen 2019-08/2022. Maps are sealed in plastic. The electronic Emit punching system will be used.


Eligibility to Participate

Participants are not required to obtain a Finnish Orienteering Federation license. It is the responsibility of the clubs and the competing members to ensure that all personal data is correct. Both men and women can participate in the Jukola Relay, including any women competing also in the Venla Relay.

The teams of associations (meaning teams other than orienteering clubs) are allowed to have no more than two first class orienteers aged between 17 and 39 years. To women this applies only when competing in the Venla Relay, not in the Jukola Relay. Only teams affiliated to organized orienteering clubs are eligible to compete for podium positions or points for the challenge trophy.

Foreign orienteers in particular are reminded of the fact that they are allowed to compete for only one club in Finland during the competition season (1st January – 31st December). Only competitors born in 2008, or earlier, are allowed to compete in the relays.


Registration and Payment

The registration process opens on December 1st, 2022 on Porvoo Borgå-Jukola’s website https://jukola.com/2023/en/. The contact person for the club will do the enrolment and pay for the teams in the electronic enrolment system.

Registering the teams happens as follows:

  • The contact person for the club creates a personal Jukola-account on the website jukola.com
  • The contact person logs in to the enrolment system with his/her Jukola-account
  • The contact person enrols the teams and pays for the teams and extra services the same way as before

NB: Invitation link and detailed instructions for enrolment will be sent through e-mail in November 2022 to all the clubs and associations who participated in Lukkari-Jukola 2022.

Each team must have at least four (4) Emit cards in Jukola relay and three (3) in Venla relay. The same Emit cards may not be used by two different teams in the same relay. However, the same Emit card can be used in both the Jukola and the Venla Relays. Emit cards can be rented from the organizers. Renting an Emit card costs 20 euros per card until May 10th, 2023, after this date the price will be 40 euros per card. The amount of rental cards required must be indicated in the registration form when making the entry. Numbers of Emit cards do not need to be reported in advance, as they will be registered into the electronic result system at the competition centre when runners enter the start and changeover area.

The schedule for registration, entry fees and other payments made in advance are shown in the table below. Payment must be made online at the time of an entry or a reservation. If a reservation is not paid within the date range of the price category when the reservation was made, the fee of the next price category will be charged.

All clubs are asked to check all the details carefully when entering a team and paying. Once the registration has been paid, all changes require extra work from the organizers and if changes need to be made, a fee of 20€/change will be charged.

Entry fees 2.2.2023 10.5.2023 31.5.2023
until 11.59 p.m until 11.59 p.m until 11.59 p.m
Venla/team 200 € 240 € 400 €
Jukola/team 350 € 420 € 700 €


A team has the right to cancel their participation before May 10th, 2023 at 11.59 p.m. The entry fee will be returned, but the processing fee of 20€ per a cancelled team will be charged. If a team cancels its participation after May 10th, 2023, the entry fee will not be returned. Participation and cancellation of extra services can be made by sending an e-mail to the general secretary, to the email address heidi.liljestrom@jukola.com.

Starting order of the teams registered before May 10th 2023 is determined by the results from last year’s Jukola. All teams registered and paid later will find their starting position at the end of the starting list. All questions regarding the starting lists should be sent to the technical advisor, to the email address jaakko.lajunen@jukola.com.

Other fees 10.5.2023 31.5.2023
until 11.59 p.m until 11.59 p.m
Accomodation fees
Camping pitch, 10 m x 10 m 35 € 70 €
Tent from organizers 245 € 490 €
Wind shelter fees
Wind shelter pitch, 6 m x 5 m 50 € 100 €
Parking fees
Camper/caravan 50 € 100 €
Passenger car/motorcycle 20 € (from the competition center) 25 € (at the parking area)
Emit-card rent                           20 € 40 €



Running Order

The running orders of teams are entered into the electronic enrolment system either during the entry or later. The running order can be entered as public or non-public; in the latter case, it will become public on Thursday, 15th of June 2023 at 6.00 p.m.

The running orders for both relays, the Jukola and the Venla, must be entered into the electronic enrolment system by 6.00 p.m. on Thursday, 15th of June 2023. NOTICE! The deadline has changed from earlier years!

After this, changes can only be made in exceptional circumstances. More specific information on this will be published in June 2023 in the Competition Information on the website of Porvoo Borgå Jukola.

Number bibs (note: no safety pins are provided by the organizers) and other team specific competition material will not be available until the running order has been submitted and all fees have been paid.



All accommodation located within the competition centre area has to be booked and paid for through the electronic enrolment system which opens at the same time with the registration, on December 1st, 2022.
Accommodation will be confirmed after the organizers have received the payment. Prices for accommodation can be found from the table above (Other fees). The camping area for tents is located on a field close to the competition centre and the size of each pitch is 10 x 10 m. The distance from the camping area to the gate of the changeover and start area is approximately 500-1100 meters.

In addition, the organizers will provide non-heated team tents which can accommodate up to 16 people. These tents are located at approximately 300-600 meters from the gate to the start and changeover area. These team tents are to be booked per tent.

Foreign clubs book and pay for the team tents through the electronic enrolment system together with their entry at latest on May 10th 2023. Any tents that remain available after that time can be booked by Finnish teams by sending an e-mail to toimisto.2023@jukola.com.

Information related to accommodation offered by local private people can be found on Porvoo Borgå-Jukola’s website at https://jukola.com/2023/en/private-lodging/

Parking and accommodation areas for campers and camper vans are located in different areas, up to 1000-1300 meters from the competition centre. Places are limited and distributed in the order of registration. Places must be reserved and paid in advance through the registration system before May 10th, 2023. There is no electricity available for the campers and/or camper vans.

Please see other accommodation options on the website of Porvoo Borgå-Jukola.


Wind Shelter Area

Competing clubs have an opportunity to book a place for a wind shelter near the changeover and finish area. There are approximately 300 wind shelter places. All competing clubs making an entry for at least eight teams (Jukola and Venla combined) will have the right to book two wind shelter places. All the competing clubs that wish to have a wind shelter place must book it through the electronic enrolment system. The top 50 teams from Jukola 2022 have the right to reserve wind shelter places 1-50.


Competition Centre

The competition centre is located at Epoo Village, about 8 km southeast from the centre of Porvoo. The competition centre opens on Friday, June 16th 2023 at 10.00 a.m. Facilities located at the competition centre include, for example, a canteen, first aid services and an information desk as well as shops and exhibition areas. No accommodation is allowed at the competition centre or at the camping areas before the official opening time of the competition centre.



Detailed instructions for arrival and other information can be found in the “Guide to Porvoo Borgå-Jukola” which will be published on the Porvoo Borgå Jukola’s website in May 2023. Road signs directing to the competition centre will be in place by June 16th, 2023, by 8.00 a.m. The driving instructions issued by the organizers must be strictly adhered to.

Information on other means of transportation to the competition centre will be published later at Porvoo Borgå-Jukola’s website https://jukola.com/2023/.


Parking and Parking Fees

All cars will be parked in the parking areas according to the guidance and instructions given by the organizers. Passenger cars will be parked at approximately 1300-2300 meters walk from the competition centre. Parking areas for invited guests, media and disabled guests are located around 1300 meters from the competition centre.

The parking fee for a passenger car and a motorcycle is 20 euros, if purchased from the information desk in the competition centre. When paid at the parking area, the parking fee is 25 euros.

Campers and caravans: see the Accommodation section above.

The bus stops for unloading and pick up of club buses are located about 100 meters from the competition centre and about 400-1100 meters from the tent camping areas. The bus parking area is located in Tolkkinen, about 20 km from the competition centre. The bus parking area is free of charge. Clubs must book a parking spot for their club bus in advance through the electronic enrolment system, latest on May 31st, 2023.

Bicycles have their own free parking area near the competition centre. Separate parking areas are reserved for motorcycles and mopeds. A parking fee is charged for parking.


Children’s Activities

A “children’s world” offering free time activities is available for children.


Showers and Changing Rooms

Changing facilities are not provided. There will be showers with warm water as well as a sauna (entrance fee €5) at the competition centre.


Photos and Filming

During the event, photos and videos will be taken. By registering and participating in the event, you confirm that photos or videos taken of you may be used for event-related marketing and other purposes. The material will not be sold or given to third parties in any other way.



Pre-race trainings are available using the training maps of Porvoo Borgå-Jukola. More information on trainings can be found on Porvoo Borgå-Jukola’s website. Maps can also be purchased from the information desk in the competition centre from Friday, June 16th 2023 at 10 a.m.


Competition officials

Competition director Kalevi Ilonen, kalevi.ilonen@jukola.com, 0400 310 663
Deputy Competition Director  Jari Johansson, jari.johansson@oktrian.fi, 050 465 6512
General secretary Heidi Liljeström heidi.liljestrom@jukola.com, 050 363 7488
Media and Communication manager Nina Sevelius, nina.sevelius@jukola.com, 050 367 7392
Map and course manager Pasi Liitiäinen, pasi.liitiainen@porvoo.fi, 040 540 2872
Course setter Stefan Karlsson, stefan.jukola2022@gmail.com
Course setter Pekka Vuorinen, pekka.vuorinen@rakennusteollisuus.fi
Course controller Heikki Torniainen, heikki.torniainen@hotmail.com, 050 536 9521
Technical advisor (TA) Jaakko Lajunen, jaakko.lajunen@jukola.com, +358-400-142222


Welcome to 74. Jukola and 45. Venla relay!



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