Helsingin Suunnistajat best Finnish team

Helsingin Suunnistajat’s seven orienteerers delivered a solid performance in this year’s Jukola relay and finished third as best Finnish team behind the Swedish teams Stora Tuna OK and OK Linné. Tuomas Heikkilä arrived in second place to the first change after which Einari Heinaro, Topi Syrjäläinen, Arttu Syrjäläinen, Veli Kangas and Matthieu Perin kept the team in a manageable position in the race. Olli Ojanoha left in fifth position on the anchor leg and after passing the Koovee team and racing for the third position with the Tampere Pyrintö team’s Aleksi Niemi, the team from Helsinki won the third place after the superior Swedish teams.


Text Mikael Grönroos  Picture Jarmo Koskela