The last preparations on their way

Three volunteers, who already can relax somewhat. Everything which can be done has been done, and we may only hope for a successful event.


– Everything is under control.

That was the message at the Jukola center during the dress rehearsal on Wednesday afternoon. Anders Lindahl exchanges views with Jannica Lindahl and Tiina Hamunen.


Anders has been responsible for the accommodation for volunteers in the nearby schools. He has also been coordinating raising of army tents on site.

– At one stage it looked challenging to get a sufficient number of volunteer security guards, but this is now resolved, he says.

Anders has been orienteering actively for 40+ years, and is obviously experienced at arranging competitions.

– But this is the first time for me to arrange a Jukola-relay.


Jannica Lindahl is among them, who run the social media.

–I have of course also assisted with other tasks, such as the school accommodation. There is always something to do at a large event like this.

Jannica is also an experienced orienteerer.

– But today it is mainly a hobby with non-competing weekly events, she says.


Tiina Hamunen will be running the daycare center in Ebbo during the competition weekend. A most important task.

– The parents are obviously accountable for their kids, but we try to arrange activities for the youngest kids, so that they enjoy themselves and get a feel for the Jukola-relay, says Tiina.

– Indoors activities include games and books, while outdoors there will be hobby-horses and other games. We also have our own track where they can check controls, and get their first contact with orienteering and Jukola, continues Tiina.
– In addition, we will have a ”Seitsemen Veljestä” adventure path with different  tasks as with the seven brothers from Alexis Kivi’s novel.
The daycare center in Ebbo continues normal day-to-day activities until Friday, so the weekend staff can start to  put everything in order at Thursday evening..

Still, we are ready to welcome thousands of teams and their reporters.


Text and photo: Michael Godtfredsen