Jukola sauna includes swimming pool

This year the Jukola sauna will include a swimming pool. Porvoo Borgå Jukola’s cooperation partner Muovi-Simola Oy has donated a swimming pool for the use of the orienteerers.

CEO Juha Simola says that the material of the glass fibre pool is partly recycled. More than a fifth of the resin in the body of the pool has been replaced with recycled PET plastic bottles.

The pool is located next to the sauna and showers. A dip in the pool is included in the 5-euro sauna fee. The pool can take ten persons at a time, so there might be a small queue. Swimwear has to be worn in the pool. The water in the pool is cleaned continually using a quartz sand filter, ultraviolet equipment and chlorination.

Located in Kerkkoo in Porvoo, Muovi-Simola makes swimming pools of all sizes for private customers. The company also manufactures many other reinforced plastic products, such as floorball rinks.

Text: Markku Pulkkinen
Photo: Riitta Ketola