Remember to drink water in the heat

Tomorrow we are expecting high summer heat and in Porvoo the gauge will rise to 27 degrees. This means it will be challenging conditions, especially for those who will run the Venla starting at 2 p.m. Also the Jukola runners who start at 23.00 get to enjoy the summer heat.

As the temperature rises t’s important to drink that extra liters of water to stay hydrated. Drinking enough fluids is essential to avoid heat stroke and dehydration.

We asked First Aid doctor Anni Louhimo about how runners and spectators should prepare for tomorrow.

1. Drink regularly
At warm weather In warm weather, the body looses more fluid than normal since we then sweat more than normal. To compensate for this, it is important to drink regularly and not wait until you feel thirsty. It is good to start rehydrating already today, because it’s too late when you already feel thirsty.

If you wait until you are thirsty, it may be a sign that you are already slightly dehydrated. So make sure to keep a bottle of water or other liquid close at hand and drink small amounts throughout the day.

At the competition area there are eight water stations that can be used to fill up your own water bottle. You can find exactly where the water stations are on the map of the area. The water stations are also marked with a large blue balloon swaying in the wind, so look up to the sky and you’ll probably see several of them. The water is supplied by Porvoon Vesi and is perfectly drinkable.

Water stations and First Aid are also located in the in the terrain. They are marked with map symbols following the specification for orienteering maps. At the refreshment points you can find water in addition to the official Jukola sport drink, Maxim.

For athletes who are not experienced of competing in such conditions, Anni recommends bringing a so-called drinking belt or hydration backpack and regularly drinking during the own relay.

If you haven’t visited the toilet in two hours, it’s a sign that you need to drink more. So bring the water bottle and start refueling now.

2. Choose the right liquid

In warm weather it’s best to drink water, preferably with electrolytes or a small amount of salt. Anni recommends that you buy electrolyte tablets or powder that you mix into your water. You can find electrolytes from the grocery stores. You should avoid liquids such as coffee or other beverages that contain caffeine, as the caffeine acts as a diuretic.

3. Hide from the sun
In addition to drinking enough fluids, it is also important to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Use sunscreen, wear light-colored, loose-fitting and breathable clothing. A hat or umbrella to protect your face is also recommended. Try to stay in the shade if possible.

The text written by Jeanette Harf
Photos for the article taken by Jeanette Harf